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Mar 2

Widex Zen Therapy: A New Approach To Treating Tinnitus!

Widex Zen Therapy: A New Approach To Treating Tinnitus!

Widex Zen is a new tinnitus treatment device that reduces the annoyance and stress of tinnitus. Through the use of barely audible chime-like musical tones, the Zen can help the tinnitus become less noticeable and take your focus off of the ringing. The Zen draws inspiration from the relaxing effect of certain types of music, which in turn reduces the stress that is associated with constant tinnitus. Adding Zen to your therapy treatment plan can help you better cope with your tinnitus and manage the effect it has on your every day life.

The exact cause of tinnitus is unknown, however approximately 85% of people with hearing loss also report having tinnitus, or “ringing” or “buzzing” in their ears. Tinnitus has also been associated with: Ear infections, Stress, High blood pressure, Smoking, Caffeine, Aspirin and Antibiotics.

SmallZenTinnitusThere is no cure for tinnitus, however there are many techniques used by hearing health professionals to help manage the stress and anxiety that can be caused by the ringing. 60% of individuals who suffer from tinnitus find that simply using hearing aids helps reduce and diminish the tinnitus. For others the use of amplification along with the Zen therapy program may be the key to successfully managing their tinnitus.

The main goal of Zen therapy is Habituation- a process of ignoring the tinnitus stimulus without taking conscious effort and essentially trying to teach the brain to ignore the tinnitus so you do not have to focus on it consciously. The Zen is unlike any musical or tinnitus device out there; the musical tones are non-repeating and are randomly generated by the device itself! Therefore it can constantly keep your brain actively stimulated and take your brain’s focus off of the tinnitus. The Zen also helps decrease stress and promotes relaxation; it is essentially a spa for your hearing system! You wear the treatment devices throughout the day as long as you need them for, and you can even have a setting allowing you to wear them to sleep. The use of Zen completely depends on your needs.

Tinnitus can affect individual people in different ways, and the Widex Zen can be customized to your individual needs. There are 6 different tones to choose from with various settings that you and your hearing health professional can use to customize the device for you! If you or your loved one suffers from tinnitus, ask your hearing health professional about adding Widex Zen therapy to your tinnitus treatment plan today!