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Jun 26

Hearing Aid Batteries

How Long Do Hearing Aid Batteries Last?

Hearing aid battery life depends on a few factors. The first deciding factor is the size of the battery. The larger the battery, the longer it will last. Hearing aid batteries are in size 10, size 312, size 13 and size 675. Size 10 is the smallest listed and size 675 is the largest.

The second factor is how many hours you wear the hearing aids every day. If you wear your hearing aids about twelve to sixteen hours, then you can expect about 3-5 days for the size 10 battery; about 7-10 days for size 312 battery; about 10-15 days for sibatteriesze 13 battery; and about 20 days for size 675 battery.

Other factors affect the life of hearing aid battery, too. Hearing aids using Bluetooth technology to connect to cell phone and/or television will use up more battery power than hearing aids not paired with Bluetooth technology. Hearing aids with new technology perform a lot of digital processing in noisy environments. Therefore, people wearing hearing aids in a lot of noisy environments will experience less battery life.

There are some small tricks to get more consistent battery performance. You should open the battery door at night to save the battery power. When you take the sticker off the battery you should wait one minute for the battery to charge itself before you put it in the hearing aid. If you have dexterity issues and it’s hard for you to change the battery, consider hearing aids that use rechargeable batteries. These batteries can last you one year and each charge will last over 10 hours.

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  1. November 15, 2013
    Can hearing aid batteries test good but still not function correctly. In other words if the battery is faulty can it still produce a good test result. Reply
    • January 20, 2014
      Yes, if there is any moisture on a hearing aid battery it will signal a “battery low” signal to the hearing aid and may even stop working until the battery door is opened and air gets into the battery. The battery would then test as having battery life. Also, if you happen to have a bad pack of batteries the voltage could drop and then restore, you would get a “battery low” alert when the battery is still good. Hope this helps! Reply
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