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Aug 4

When should I change the dome on the end of my hearing aid?

Some patients with behind the ear hearing aids have a standard (not custom) dome on the end of their hearing aid. The dome is the tip that sits inside the individual’s ear canal. The dome is usually clear or black and can range in a variety of different sizes. This part of the hearing aid can very easily become blocked with wax or debris and prevent sound from coming out of the hearing aid. Most of the time this can be why a patient’s hearing aid “stops working”. When this happens you can use a cleaning tool with a brush on the end to brush off any debris or wax.

So, when should you change your dome with a new one? You should change your dome if it is ripped or yellow. If you see that your dome is ripped or has turned a yellow color, it is time to visit your audiologist and change your dome.

Submitted by:

Ashley St. Peter, Audiology Extern

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